Maker Studio™ : Winches Set

Maker Studio™ : Winches Set

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Designed by Engineers for Budding Engineers
Maker Studio inspires imagination and a love for engineering. In this set featuring winches, you’ll be able to build a tow truck, a jeep, a well and a crane. For each build you’re given Engineering Challenges – experiment with friction, torque and propulsion as you engineer your solutions. Once you’ve mastered all four builds, get creative and design something that’s all your own while you learn engineering principles!  
Type: Construction Sets Family Games
Skill: STEM and Creative Thinking
Age: 7 and Up
Players: 1 Player
Instructions: View PDF
  • 1 Tow Hook
  • 1 Spool
  • 2 Long Connectors, 5 Short Connectors
  • 1 Medium Gear, 1 Small Gear
  • 4 Large Wheels
  • Four 7" Rods, One 5.5" Rod, Two 2" Rods
  • 26 Hub Caps
  • 1 Hole Punch
  • 1 13" String
  • 10 Engineering Challenges


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